12823436_10153396978941190_5398694286634834939_oMy name is Sarah and I’m a photographer from Newfoundland, Canada. I have been taking photos since I was old enough to press a button on a camera. I still have a photo album full of pictures (albeit blurry ones) from a disposable camera I used when I was five years old, the result of venturing into the depths of my backyard in order to find the most photogenic bugs possible. Since 2010, I have grown from a tiny entomologist to pursuing a career with photography at the very heart of it, and I have never looked back.

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There is something magical about having the ability to preserve the special times had by all different kinds of people, creating memories able to be kept and cherished forever. Sarah’s true photography passions lie within the realms of cosplay, boudoir, and fashion, however Sarah Hall Photography offers a wide variety of photography services, from weddings to pet photography to graduations and everything in between. When not taking photos, Sarah can be found cuddling the nearest animal, playing video games, or eating a whole lot of sushi. Contact her today!